Sunday, October 28, 2007

Long Day and Early AM - October 28, 2007

LOL! Sorry, Constant Reader (is anyone out there???). Still learning what to do, etc. I have pics on Flickr, but not sure how to link, yet.

And no time to learn, since weekends are NOT made for Michelob, these days :( Had a nasty car repair (BIG bucks) and still recovering from "my boy's" vet bills (my cat, Riley, has HCM - heart disease).

Plus the addiction to jewelry design /sigh... But THAT is not something I want to give up, so doing the 2nd job thing, for now.

Sadly, that means being at work at 5 AM tomorrow - errr...TODAY. Guess I'd better go to sleep and hope I can do some jewelry tomorrow? It's an all day event. If I am put in a booth, I can do some small jewelry (heheheheheh). Wonder who I can bribe for that?

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