Saturday, December 22, 2007

Treasures Galore! from PersonalTreasures

Don't we ALL love treasure-hunting (and FINDING)? /dreams of Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow (that's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow!) Well, this artisan creates the kinds of treasures that would be part of a wonderful trove!

PersonalTreasures and MufiJewels are Etsy shops run by a jewelry designer with a broad range and perspective, as well as a deep background in the arts, including being the recipient of a grant for the National Endowment for the Arts.

PersonalTreasures is a shop geared to high-end, elegant designs, with top-grade components, such as the Russian Amazonite necklace shown above, a "Looong Hessonite Necklace" and many more! Most pieces are one-of-a-kind designer jewelry.

Mufi Jewels, Phyllis' other Etsy shop, has simpler, more casual jewelry, with similar high quality materials. There, you will see very simple, but wonderfully designed, pieces such as a Chrysoprase Pendant, Fire Agate necklace and these Labradorite Hoop earrings. These Montana (Blue) and Bronze Earrings are a great (and neutral color-set) accessory!

Phyllis Mufson, of Philadelphia, PA (USA), currently lives and loves living as a jewelry artisan and creative career and small business coach. She helps people "move from places (in their lives) of exhausted possibility to new challenges and fulfillment."

Among Phyllis' past experience is working as a textile artist for years, which still influences her perspective as a jewelry artisan. Phyllis designs her pieces with an eye toward how the pieces will "drape" on their wearer, looking to compliment the wearer's form and attire.

All of this goes to say, if you want someone whose work you will TREASURE, visit PersonalTreasures and Mufi Jewels on Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade articles.

If you are interested in following Phyllis Mufson's work, check out her blog. I found some very inspiring business tips there!

If you wish to look into a small business coach, visit Phyllis' business website HERE.


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