Wednesday, November 7, 2007

BerryPatchDesigns Goes into the Shadow...

SILVERSHADOW, that is! I've found that another online seller (in another venue, which shall remain nameless.../coughs *Bay!) has the same name and sells - among other things, "handmade jewelry".

Rather than cause confusion for either shop's customers and prospective customers, I've decided to change my primary shop's name from BERRYPATCHDESIGNS to SILVERSHADOW DESIGNS. Silver, because I love silver's clean lines so much, and Shadow because shadows are simply places where the light is textured (not non-existent). And I LOVE textures! And the play of colors!

So there will be a period of transition while the listings are moved, but that will NOT negatively affect ANY PART of my customer service! Whether that service is answering questions or completing a custom piece or shipping an ordered item.

Just think of all the LINKS you can click!

Check out UNDERCURRENT BodyWear for a different style of "hot" accessories!

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