Friday, November 16, 2007

The charms of earthcharms!

earthcharms is an artisan on Etsy who works with gems and macrame to make lovely and intriguing jewelry and accessories. Other blogs have shown the infamous “Wench’s Choker” (which I like a lot) and perhaps even the “Polarity Choker”. Not many have shown the “Zombie’s (censored)” or “Give Me Back My Aaaarrmmms” earrings.

earthcharms’ profile says far more about her than I EVER could! This is a MUST-READ profile. The quick and dirty is that earthcharms is an artisan who has a shop on the Etsy online artisan marketplace.

earthcharms' humor and style are irrepressible and entertaining and her soul is “owned by a thieving cat,” among other things. Her jewelry is similarly unique, with a distinct style and charm. Virtually all of earthcharms’ pieces are assembled with a desire to be both attractive and helpful – or, in some cases, flat-out hilarious!

Among the pieces in this oh-so-entertaining artisan’s shop are jewelry and accessory sets, geared toward helping the purchaser achieve an end: the “Health” and “Studious” assortments. I love these sets!! Each contains a choker, earrings, charm, pocket stone and tealight. Jewelry whose stones’ metaphysical qualities enhance an ability or achieve a state, along with candles and pocket stones for the same purpose!

I particularly like earth's earrings - well wrapped wire, with wonderful and different stones, all intended to enhance the wearer's state of being. Great wrapping and great stones, all combining to become lovely, earthy and feminine earrings.

earthcharms’ identity is as firmly rooted in her sense of self as the element she admires most: Earth. Most people, thinking of Earth, think of it as being rigid and inflexible. Far from it! The Earth and all on it are constantly changing: islands being “born” in the sea, mountains and beaches getting smaller, grain by grain. This, too, is one of this artisan’s truths: “No story ever ends”, she says.

Other places to keep up with earthcharms' creations and exploits would be her blog and website.
She is also a member of some web communities:
etsylove (ning)


Lazy Cat Gifts said...

That choker is amazing! :)

earthcharms said...

Oh my goodness, this is seriously the most amazing write up!!! My ears are burning and my face hurts from smiling! Thank you so much for your glowing praise and original words!

SilverShadow Designs / BerryPatchDesigns said...

Meant every word :)